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LiveWell Homes- Home Builder Profile

Live Well Homes Logo/FaviconThe LiveWell Homes Story

Living well can look different for each person. But we all share the common themes of enjoying life and taking advantage of all the wonderful things that it offers. What picture comes to mind when you think of “living well”? In life, we value friends and family and the homes and neighborhoods where we enjoy time with them. We value beauty for our eye, comfort in livability, practical function in everyday circumstances, as well as convenience and affordability as they free us up to focus on the more important things in life. 

Live Well Homes Logo/FaviconValue 

For value today, many people start by looking at the foreclosures and distressed sales that our new economy has created. While the price might seem appealing, these choices have risks as they often come with the effects of neglect in quality and additional cost, all without the added protection of a home warranty. 

The expertise of the LiveWell Homes team has achieved an incredible value for you by capitalizing on current market conditions at a time of record low interest rates, with re-pricing in the market, with the benefits of being a private company with minimal overhead costs, and with over 50 years of building experience in Charlotte. What if you could have a new home that was built for you, with selections you were able to choose, and with warranty protection from a sound national company for an even better value? That’s what LiveWell Homes offers you! 

Live Well Homes Logo/FaviconQuality 

Quality in any product is highly important. At LiveWell Homes, the goal is to build all aspects of your new house correctly the first time. That is why so much care and planning has gone into the design of the homes themselves. LiveWell’s homes offer classic architectural designs and streetscapes of times gone by when each home was unique and each neighborhood grew better with time. The interiors of a LiveWell Home offer space and superior design. 

One unique way LiveWell Homes accomplishes that is by utilizing the entire home, rather than having a large portion of the living space taken up by a garage. The homes still offer a garage, but with a better flow and livability so more of your home is a space to live in. LiveWell Homes also offers a WellCare manual detailing the process of buying and living in a new LiveWell home, and provides several scheduled times during construction as well as afterwards to ensure the home is at the highest standard it can be. 

Live Well Homes Logo/FaviconCommunity 

In order to build a lasting community, you must know the area. LiveWell Homes was born in Charlotte NC and exists only here. The team at LiveWell Homes has over 50 years of Charlotte life experience, which goes into finding, planning and designing each community and home they build. There is no better team of Charlotte home builders experts who will be more focused on you as you walk through the new construction process. 

Live Well Homes Logo/FaviconComfort 

Lastly, the value and affordability of LiveWell’s homes allow you the comfort of not having to worry about your home. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the fantastic options that Charlotte and the surrounding areas have to offer. 

A quality home at an incredible value means you can enjoy the little extra comforts in life like a shopping spree, a night of fine dining out on the town,going to a local sporting event, or time to enjoy the many parks and lakes the area has to offer. This great value will allow you the opportunity to live well inside your home and out.


LiveWell Homes understands the significance of protecting the environment now and for future generations. Our homes are constructed with products that help reduce overall waste and preserve natural resources. We produce sturdier, stronger, and quieter homes through the use of engineered systems and recycled materials that lower overall utility costs while raising the level of comfort and effi­ciency.
Our Homes meet Energy Star Rating requirements. Low E-rated windows reduce the amount of heat radiating through the glass surface. We seal all duct work permanently making your new LiveWell Home more comfortable and e­fficient. Insulated garage doors reduce the transfer of heat or cold air into your garage. 13 seer A/C units have higher heating and cooling efficiency; reducing overall energy consumption. Electric Heat helps decrease emissions while avoiding fluctuating costs of fossil fuels. 
Electric Heat also creates a cleaner environment both indoors and outdoors. Insulated air ducts control condensation, eliminate leaks, and improve performance and air quality. Clean air ventilation system pulls fresh air from outside and circulates it throughout your home. 
We use engineered floor systems made from wood chips rather than single cut timbers. This reduces the amount of wood use by 50% and as a result, decreases environmental impact. Recycled insulation saves landfill space, eases strain on natural resources, and reduces pollutants emitted during the manufacturing process. Wood construction debris is recycled into mulch rather than dumped in landfills. 
Low flow fixtures save water that would otherwise be wasted, not only reducing your utility bill, but also the amount of available fresh water used.

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