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Belmont, NC

Welcome to Belmont NCBelmont: What's in a name?

The namesake for Belmont is uncertain. Some claim the town was given the last name of August Belmont, a well-known banker from New York, while others state the name translates to "beautiful mountain" because of the town's proximity to Crowder's Mountain.

Around and About Belmont

Located on a peninsula formed between the Catawba and South Fork Catawba rivers, Belmont features many natural and metropolitan attractions for its residents. Belmont's Main Street was selected as one of the best in the state of North Carolina in 2015. The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden features nearly 400 acres of breath-taking flora. Belmont 's very own Rowing Center, situated on the Catawba, brings children and adults onto the water for exercise and relaxation. The town's Muddy River Distillery produces the best rum to come out of the Charlotte metropolitan area.

History of Belmont NC

A community of Benedictine monks which arrived to the area in 1876 has maintained a strong influence and presence in Belmont. The year of their arrival, they established both the Belmont Abbey, a community for themselves, and Belmont Abbey College. Both are still active today: the Abbey church has been officially recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and by the Vatican City, and the College has a student body of over 1,500.