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Iredell County, NC

The most northern of counties in the Charlotte metropolitan area is Iredell County. The county received its name from James Iredell, a British-born politician who emigrated to North Carolina and became one of the first justices of the Supreme court, appointed by George Washington.

Iredell County features a literal crossroads of North Carolina: that of Interstate 77 and Interstate 40. Go south on I- 77 to head directly to Uptown Charlotte and then into South Carolina, while a ride in the opposite, northern direction leads into Virginia. The eastern route of I-40 runs to Winston-Salem, then Greensboro, then Raleigh, and then to the coastal city of Wilmington; the western leg runs to the Appalachian Mountains, then Asheville, and on into Tennessee and beyond.

This intersection takes place at Statesville, the seat of Iredell County. Mooresville is the most populous municipality in the county, and attracts residents with its own employment opportunities and proximity to Charlotte. Other towns include Harmony, Love Valley, Troutman, and Union Grove.

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